About Us

Who are we?

Airflex Industrial Gases is a leading distributor in the supply of industrial, domestic and high grade speciality gases in the KZN Region.

Airflex Industrial Gases (a distributor) of both Air Products and EASIGAS products serves a very broad based customer market from the D.I.Y., hobbyist, small to very large engineering enterprises as well as laboratories.

We also cater for the farming industry (particularly the chicken industry) as well as food product packaging and ripening

Our very unique business model puts us in the forefront of the gases and allied product shopping.

Building relationships

We truly do not know how do do anything below the standards we have already set in the market. In an effort to improve ourselves, we are determined to engage, understand and actively participate in your business and to get a better understanding, thereby improving ourselves in our service to the market.

We firmly believe that the best way to do business is to firstly create the personal touch, and then get an understanding of our customers needs and expectations.

Selling our products on a supply/demand market is not what it takes to make an impression.

We are totally committed to providing an exceptional service level coupled with all safety standards associated with the supply and delivery of gases to customers sites.

Its these important elements in our business ethics that makes us noticeable in the market place.